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Jacquard fabrics

Decatex has a wide and consolidated experience and expertise in the production of Jacquard fabrics.
We produce items measuring 150cm in height , which adapt both to clothing and fashion accessory (shoe, bag, belt, hats …), as well as furniture or anything else.
Our looms are able to weave up to 12 different threads, that mixed with the warp generate numerous colors and nuances.
We can weave the most diverse and varied natural fibers, as well as synthetic, regenerated or artificial fibers. Thanks to our textile expertise and broad comprehension of design and creativity we are able to assign different texture according to the desired result.
Sometimes a soft hand is preferable, other times it is preferred a stiffer fabric for alternative uses.
The effects can be flat, or more voluminous.
The “Ddesign” department deals with graphic proposals with related color palettes.
Sampling is an indispensable prerogative, in which the customer is supported with appropriate color variation.

In Decatex, nothing is produced that has not been previously sampled and approved.
Every season our design department presents a new collection following current trends.
Jacquard fabrics are fully produced with oeko tex standard 100 certified yarns. This guarantees compatibility of products with the most sensitive skins and ample resistance to washing.
The company policy of increasingly high quality standards has long initiated procedures and supplier selection, which allow it to adhere to the reach regulation.
At the end of the weaving process all the jacquard fabrics pass through the finishing cycle, an essential step to obtain an excellent result.
On request the normal steaming is expected, which offers soft hand, shine and dimensional stability, without excluding other solutions and finishing process.
It is also possible to further enrich the jacquard fabrics with any type of lamination, both on the back of the fabric (jerseys, drill, canvas …) and on the front with plasticizers, under glass and fashion effects.