Welcome on Decatex



In 1979, after years of experience in the world of embroidery, the creative and entrepreneurial fabric designer Marco Della Canonica decided to focus his creativity towards the Jacquard textile sector, by founding his first manufacturing company.  This was in the beginning of the 80’s, when accessories had just become the real distinctive element to enhance the garments on to which they were applied.
The biggest fashion houses and brands were eager for logos, to put on Jacquard woven labels and ribbons,Finding trying to find new ways to personalise their clothes and their garment collections.
At the beginning of the 90’s, Marco Della Canonica) changed the corporate structure and included also his sons, the Decatex was born He moved the headquarters to Cairate, where it is till located today. During these 40 years the company has had the opportunity and the honor to work with the most prestigious and exclusive clothing manufactures, always offering a professional collaboration, inspired by “total quality”.
Offering the customer a product that is of excellent quality has always been a fundamental value and is also shared by the company’s second generation.
Filippo Della Canonica, son of the founder, trained within the company through years of experiences gives Decatex a new international dimension. He is consolidating service and quality by incorporating new technologies, along with developing business in foreign markets and expanding the product range. 


The company has a highly localised structure, operating with a single production unit, adjacent to its headquarters.
All suppliers of raw materials, finished- and semi-finished products are exclusively Italian and most of them are located in the most prestigious production districts: Como and Biella. We draw our inspiration from a geographical area full of history, tradition and professionalism.
These deep roots are shown in the finished product and our intention is to continue to remain strongly anchored.


The engineering department “D design” consists in a professional team constantly updated on styles and fashion trends, to offer the most innovative textiles proposals.
We start from graphic simulations with associated color palettes, based on requests and customer mood, followed by a detailed stylistic and technical guidance and support.
The feed-back received step by step, allow us to carry out the work in full harmony.
Completed the graphic design is facing the textile industry, “D design” by virtue of his experience and textile sensibility and creativity, is able to make full use of the techniques, materials and devices potential. The yarns are wisely woven assigning different armor depending on the result you want to achieve, sometimes it is preferable a soft and light touch, sometimes more stiff for other purposes.
The effects can be flat and straight, or more bulky (voluminous). The thread definition can be low to achieve a retro and vintage style or high or very high to reproduce even the smallest details, photographically.
This important activity results in a sample, which is essential before launching the production.
If the result does not meet the expectations, the team will restart the process to achieve full and total customer satisfaction.
In Decatex nothing is produced that has not been previously sampled and approved.


Since many years, Decatex has had an environment policy, and has made a series of activities and investments, to contribute to the well-being of our planet. Thanks to a photovoltaic system, placed on all our headquarters buildings, we have drastically reduced the energy consumption from polluting fossil hydrocarbons. These investments allow all our customers to purchase products with very low environmental impact.
The construction of the plant, with photovoltaic panels was realised with high quality components from Q.CELL www.q-cells.com, Germany and FIMER www.fimer.com, totally made in Italy.
All this for maximum performance and reliability over time.
Every part of our manufacturing plant has been built with the latest generation materials to guarantee maximum insulation, minimising heat loss and noise pollution. This in order to protect all our employees, and protect /save the environment .
We produce Jacquard woven labels, patches, ribbons and fabrics with regenerated or natural yarns, to complete a journey that we have long undertaken and that we will continue to pursue in all our activities.
A precise commitment, through which we want to become the first 100% green company in the sector.


We are proud to have obtained the GRS certification, recognized as the most important international standard for the sustainable production of textile products made from recycled materials.
The Global Recycle Standard recognizes the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, with the aim of favoring the reduction of the use of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and increasing the quality of recycled products.
The GRS is issued by the ICEA certification, which ensures traceability along the entire production process, restrictions on the use of chemical products, compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of the production chain from the recycling of materials, to the subsequent manufacturing phases, up to the finished product.
The company consequently adheres to an ethical behavioral standard of respect for all social actors: suppliers, collaborators, employees and towards the environment and nature.
Decatex is therefore able to provide a tape, a label, a fabric, made with polyester yarns obtained from the waste from plastic processing and in particular from post-consumer PET plastic bottles.